Chris Barfoot

Cultural & Heritage Coordinator, City of Nanaimo

As a member of the City of Nanaimo’s Culture and Heritage team, engaging with the community is a essential aspect of our work. Through my experience in Leadership Vancouver Island, I not only gained the knowledge and confidence to successfully integrate leadership principles into my professional career, but I also enhanced my sense of self awareness, which has had positive effects in life outside of work too.

Leadership Vancouver Island has helped to realign my focus on understanding and developing my personal strengths, which I continue to work to this day on using all the insights and tools I gained through the program. LVI was a great opportunity to learn about myself and how to work effectively with others. I still keep in contact with many of the friends I made through the program. I recommend LVI to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of their community, how it functions and how they can play a role in it.

Chris Barfoot, Cultural & Heritage Coordinator


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