What’s Involved?

The LVI curriculum covers a wide range of leadership topics through an engaging, dynamic and practical learning experience. It is constantly evolving to meet the unique needs and challenges of each group of participants.

Participants should expect to receive at least 150 hours of mixed styles of instruction, spreading over a period of ten months from September to June.

Program Format

Participant Orientation: September

Held on a Thursday evening, this short orientation session introduces participants to each other and provides an overview of the LVI program.

Opening Retreat: September

This two-day leadership retreat in September sets the foundation for the program while bringing participants together in a casual and relaxing environment. The retreat covers integral topics such as:

  • Day 1: “What is Leadership?”— ♦ Setting the Foundation ♦ Leadership and Learning ♦ Team Building
  • Day 2: “The Bigger Picture – “Leadership and Our Community” —  Learning in Relationship ♦ Personal Leadership Plans ♦ Defining Community

Leadership Development Days: October – June

These eight, full-day seminars take place one Friday per month in a variety of different Island locations between October and May, with a graduation ceremony held in June. Each Leadership Day (LD) focusses on a distinct theme or topic related to leadership.

Topics Covered during Leadership Days include…

  • Leadership Day #1 – October — “Laying the Groundwork for Leading” — ♦ Fostering Self Awareness ♦ Leadership Development Planning
  • Leadership Day #2 – November  — “Navigating Teams” —♦ Team Development ♦ Team Charters
  • Leadership Day #3 – December — “Project Dynamics” —♦ Team Project Concept Presentations ♦ Commitment-Based Project Management
  • Leadership Day #4 – January  — “Connecting Through Communication” — ♦ Public Speaking Skills ♦ Delivering and Presenting a Message
  • Leadership Day #5 – February — “Leadership to Empower & Engage” — ♦ Understanding Team Formation ♦ Working Cohesively Together
  • Leadership Day #6 – March  — “The Transformational Role of Leadership” — ♦ Change and Individuals ♦ Change Management Strategies
  • Leadership Day #7 – April  — “Inclusive Leadership & Valuing Diversity” —♦ Workplace Inclusion ♦ Leading a Diverse Workforce
  • Leadership Day #8 – May — “Leadership as a Journey” —♦ Defining Success ♦ Evaluation and Feedback ♦ Recognition and Celebration
  • Program Graduation –  June  — ♦ Team Presentations of Applied Community Projects ♦ Keynote Address
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Bruce Williams of CTV Vancouver Island speaks with LVI Participants about how to connect with community stakeholders during LD #4.

Community Project
Working in diverse teams, participants are tasked with the creation and execution of a community project in cooperation with an existing community organization of their choice. This gives participants the chance to experiment with new skills and ideas in a supportive setting that allows them to push their boundaries while making real positive impacts in their community.

May 2 -2011 306
Did you know the Ladysmith Skate Park was a LVI project in 2010? Click the picture above to learn more.


Leadership Coaching

Each participant has the opportunity to work with a certified professional coach throughout the LVI experience. This can be an immensely valuable and enriching part of the LVI learning experience that gives participants an opportunity to identify solutions for themselves through engaging dialogue with professionals who specialize in leadership development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if LVI right for me?

The LVI program is perfect for anyone with a sincere interest in developing their leadership abilities and becoming part of a network of informed community leaders. The program is well tailored for those who are pursuing personal or professional goals, aspiring to leadership roles or seeking a better sense of confidence and self-awareness. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and economic sectors, LVI participants typically study at post-secondary institutions or work in the public, commercial, industrial or not for profit sectors on Vancouver Island. Some participants are sponsored by their respective employers, others enroll independently.

Ideal candidates for the LVI program typically display the following qualities:

  • Personal motivation to pursue personal or professional development
  • Basic appreciation and understanding of leadership and how it impacts teams and individuals
  • Ability to contribute to the program in a meaningful way through discussion and teamwork exercises (in addition to one’s life experiences, knowledge, and skills, an individual’s community involvement, work experience & education will be considered when selecting candidates for each year’s program)
  • Receptiveness and openness to new ideas and opinions of others
  • Awareness of specific issues impacting the community
  • Ability to contribute toward program evaluation and improvement
  • Commitment to serve their respective communities in alignment with their personal values and capabilities upon completion of the program.

Where is LVI located?

In keeping with our mission of connecting Island communities, our team delivers each Leadership Day at a different location on central eastern Vancouver Island every month. This makes LVI’s East Coast Program ideal for those who live, work, or study between Mill Bay and Campbell River.  For those residing south of Mill Bay or north of Campbell River, please reach out to us to discuss how we might be able to assist.

How much does it cost?

Investment in the LVI Program is $3,750 of which the participant is expected to contribute $500. This covers all costs associated with the program, including the overnight retreat, all eight leadership days, one-on-one coaching sessions, team support, snacks and refreshments, and administrative costs associated with the coordination of the program. This is exceptional value for a professional development program of this length and quality, made possible through the volunteer efforts of LVI’s board of directors, coaches and curriculum team.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! Scholarships are available for those who would not be able to afford the program without financial aid or support from their employer. Prospective participants interested in a scholarship should include a letter explaining their need for financial aid when submitting their application. Scholarships are limited.

Who delivers the LVI program?

The LVI program is coordinated by the Leadership Society of Vancouver Island and delivered by an exceptional team of professional facilitators, university professors, business professionals, and community leaders. By combining facilitators from a variety of backgrounds, LVI participants are able to gain insights into the hidden challenges and opportunities that exist within their own communities while gaining a better understanding of the dynamics that impact various aspects of their community, economy, and society at large.