The “Inside Out” Approach

Leadership Vancouver Island’s curriculum applies a uniquely effective and personalized approach to personal and professional development that focusses on developing leaders from the inside-out: 

1. Leading Self

In the process of becoming an effective leader, one must learn to understand and engage more than just the interests and abilities of others – they need to know themselves! This becomes crucial when attempting to address the tensions and complexities that can occur in any undertaking, where self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and the willingness to learn and change becomes the difference between a leader and a follower.

2. Leading Others

People who are skilled in self leadership are able to see others as similarly unique and empowered. They develop positive relationships through effective communication, manage differences and disagreements and co-create a shared purpose to bring people together. This is was it means to be a true leader.

3. Leading Community

Once an individual is effective at leading one’s self and leading others, they are well positioned to understand the relationships between stakeholders from varying perspectives of the community and the implications of these relationships over time. At this level, leaders can effectively become “change makers”, impacting the social, political, economic and other systems that shape our communities and our world.