Press release: Team LT2 is Looking to Inspire Youth to Become Leaders


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Team LT2 is Looking to Inspire Youth to Become Leaders

Nanaimo, BC: Team LT2 of Leadership Vancouver Island is excited to announce their new project in conjunction with Learning Alternatives in Nanaimo, BC. Team LT2’s goal is to provide youth with self-belief and encouragement through hosting a 1-day leadership workshop for teenagers at Woodlands School Wednesday, May 4th

“After participating in Leadership Vancouver Island, we felt inspired to share that experience with youth to encourage them to push themselves out of their comfort zones and give them some belief to achieve their goals” says Team LT2 member Alex Nowak. “The Leadership Vancouver Island program has had a significant impact on each of us and we’re excited to see what impact it could have on the participants in our project. We’re also eager to see what the participants can teach us about ourselves and our own leadership journeys.”

The workshop will consist of an introduction circle, engaging speakers who have spoken at Leadership Vancouver Island Leadership Days, fun self-reflective activities, and a pizza lunch.

About Learning Alternatives: Learning Alternatives is a school program with a dynamic blend of forward-thinking education and personalized programming. There is an emphasis on individualized academic plans that focus on students’ strengths and the use of innovative strategies to help progress in areas that need improvement. 

About Team LT2 and Leadership Vancouver Island: Leadership Vancouver Island is a community-focused, grassroots leadership development program that aims to inspire and build capacity for outstanding leadership, learning and service. Team LT2 consists of Alex Nowak (Nanaimo), Erin Beaudoin (Nanaimo), Holly Frost (Duncan), James Sage (Nanaimo), Natasha Kucherka (Nanaimo) and Sean Sorensen (Nanaimo). 

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