Leadership Day #5


We were on a Zoom meeting. Janet started out with the Mindful Moments –from her toes upwards.

Then the Leaders of the Day Naasha Kucherka and Alex Newark presented the ice breaker where everyone took a turn talking about something special.

The Community Speaker was Jesse Kemp who had us all clap. Why did we clap on 2 and not on 3? What does this have to do with leadership? It’s a reference to, “Do as I say not as I do.”

Ricardo came in and had everyone talk about what they had learned/noticed during the last leadership day. He shared a video from Simon Sinek via Ted Talks.

He then led them through three exercises: Personal Histories Exercise, Conflict Norming Exercise and Team Effectiveness Exercise. The participants were put in team zoom rooms where they could discuss each exercise with a counsellor present.


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