Team Heart To Hold


We all felt that supporting mental health through building strong community would be a great cause to support in the middle of a global pandemic.

❤️ We chose to create bracelets as a physical symbol of connectedness to support members of the community during times of isolation.

❤️ We worked to identify a local organization whose mission and work in the community most closely aligned with our project objectives.

❤️ Nanaimo Family Life Association seemed like a perfect fit, and fortunately, when we approached them with our proposal, they enthusiastically agreed!

Rethinking our project scope, objectives and outcomes required pivoting to meet the new goals…

❤️ We decided that bracelets would be distributed free of charge, with no donations collected at time of distribution to eliminate the potential problems associated with
collecting funds as an outside third party -this meant that we needed to edit, re-print and re-stuff all 500 bracelet packages with new “awareness” driven information cards.

❤️ We rethought the methods of distribution, and decided to approach non-affiliated agencies that interfaced directly with the public, and especially with populations that
may be feeling the effects of isolation keenly (ie seniors, children)

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