Leadership Vancouver Island facilitator and participant share Leadership Award


The 2021 Nanaimo Business Awards presented by the Nanaimo Chamber recently recognized two outstanding women in the Leadership category who are both connected to Leadership Vancouver Island. Kix Citton, Executive Director at the Nanaimo Brain Injury Society, is a regular facilitator of the LVI program and Erin Beaudoin, Executive Director at Eden Gardens care home, is currently enrolled as a participant in the 2021-22 LVI program.  The leadership award is presented to individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership through managing a project, event or a team to achieve outstanding results. 

“Leadership isn’t about one person,” said Kix Citton. “It’s about building a collaborative team and encouraging its members to practice communication, empathy and decision making. I have had many opportunities and support to practice these skills and I feel a responsibility to share my learning to bring people together.” 

“When I think about my role as a leader, it’s about the success of others,” said Erin Beaudoin. “It’s about what I can do to lift people up to where they deserve to be.” 

LVI asked both women what characteristic they believe every leader should possess. “Curiosity and self awareness are qualities I try to cultivate within myself, the staff and volunteers at the Nanaimo Brain Injury Society,” said Citton. “Thinking by itself doesn’t often solve a problem. It’s about listening, feeling and connecting to others with your heart. That’s when the magic happens.”

“Having compassion for others and understanding their truth is what I strive for at Eden Gardens,” said Beaudoin, whose leadership at a complex care facility for those living with dementia has been especially challenging during the pandemic.

Asked what advice they would give to a new leader, Beaudoin shared, “Be humble and courageous and always be open to new learning. Your growth as a leader is ongoing, and being open to new things will make you a better leader.”

“New leaders need opportunity,” said Citton, “The opportunity and support to practice their listening and communication skills, to take risks, to be vulnerable and to be in service to others.”

Congratulations to both ladies! The Nanaimo Business Awards can be viewed on Youtube and the leadership awards are presented at 37:41.

To learn more about Leadership Vancouver Island and how your organization can benefit by participating in LVI’s 10-month leadership development program, please visit our website or contact our Recruitment and Sponsorship Chair, Bradd Tuck, at  braddtuck@yatesmemorial.ca.

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