LVI Board seeking Secretary!


Do you want to be part of a dynamic community leadership group? Do you love writing and organizing stuff? Then you are perfect for this volunteer role and should apply now via email to

As a Registered Society in BC, the Leadership Society of Vancouver Island (LVI) is required to maintain certain records. The LVI Board is seeking a Recording Secretary for our Board meetings.  This person may also help prepare agendas, receive and distribute correspondence, complete the Annual Report, and support the Board President as needed.  Board meetings are currently held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Nanaimo Golf Club boardroom.  Meetings are from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. Volunteers are asked to buy their own lunch or bring one from home.

What basic skills/abilities are required?

The Minutes will capture enough information to help absent Directors understand the issues discussed, and serve as the official record for decisions made and actions taken.  Minimum requirements include:

  • date, time, location of meeting;
  • list of those present and absent;
  • list of items discussed;
  • list of reports presented;
  • text of Motions presented and description of their disposition;
  • text of Action Items and who is responsible for them.

In certain circumstances, minutes may include summary of discussions, rationale for decision, names of those participating in the discussion, and the roll call, noting any declared conflicts of interest. These circumstances: are if the matter is contentious, if board members dissent, if there is any concern about exposure to liability, or if a board member has a conflict of interest.

In addition to helping board meetings run smoothly and effectively, this volunteer opportunity will encourage you to model community leadership, by leading self, leading with others, and leading with others in the communities we serve.  Board members are always welcome at LVI program sessions and other events.

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