LVI Seeks New Secretary for Board of Directors


Are you ready for the next step in your Leadership Journey?  Do you like to keep track of things?  Are you organized and have computer skills? Then the Leadership Society of Vancouver Island (LVI) wants to hear from you!

LVI is looking for a Board Secretary to join their dynamic Board of Directors. This administrative professional will take Meeting Minutes; maintain records and files of LVI Board activity; send out minutes and agendas for each meeting; and take the lead for Board communications. The Secretary ensures that actions of the LVI Board are properly documented.

LVI is a volunteer organization, with contracted Program Coordination.  Board Directors, Committee Members, Coaches and other volunteers actually carry out the mission.  As a Board Member, you will ensure LVI keeps moving forward with the organization’s Higher Purpose. LVI reserves some tasks specifically for Board Members to keep them connected to its operations; they help with the functioning of the organization, usually through the efforts of its committees. Members of a working Board are willing:

  •       To attend regular monthly Board Meetings and the Annual General Meeting;
  •       To join a Committee, attend committee meetings, and do their share of the work of those committees
  •       To offer opinions, advice, etc., and participate in the running of the Board

If you are interested in joining our dynamic, action-oriented team of volunteer board members, please reach out to our President, Russ Burke, at

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